Opinion: Protect Women's Care

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, people around the world celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. And while we celebrate that, this special day is also to check in with how women fare in gender parity. And when it comes to healthcare, women aren’t doing so well. It’s no question that, under the current administration, healthcare for low-income and elderly people and people with preexisting conditions stand to lose a lot when it comes to Republicans repealing…

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Tonight Was In No Way OK.

Our disappointment at what happened again tonight at the school board meeting cannot be overstated. Like other leaders around the country who do nothing about gun violence, it is deplorable that the adults here in our public schools again decided to delay action. In some ways we are not surprised as our efforts since 2012 have been met over and over again in these ways. Such behavior has happened at all levels: school board, superintendent’s office, legal, principals, counselors, everyone.…

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Woman Alleges Steve Wynn Used Her Job, Executive Boyfriend’s as Leverage for Sex

A former employee at the Golden Nugget and Mirage alleges Steve Wynn coerced her into a two-year-long sexual relationship by making implicit threats to not only her job but also her boyfriend’s. Meg, who doesn’t want to use her last name, says she first appeared on Wynn’s radar when she attended the opening of the Mirage in 1989 with her then-fiance, an executive with the hotel company.  The two never married. It was a Cinderella moment for me. “It was a Cinderella…


Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police

Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police The parents of two Yerington high school students are turning to federal court, alleging in a discrimination lawsuit that their daughters’ bullies are not only getting away with repeated instances of racist taunting but that local law enforcement is condoning the activity by labeling it free speech. One of the alleged bullies, a Yerington High student identified in the lawsuit as the son of a Lyon County police deputy, allegedly posted pictures on…

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Political Activist Tom Steyer All-In on Nevada

Tom Steyer is all-in on Nevada Tom Steyer is no stranger to political advocacy. He's been involved in Democratic races since Walter Mondale's ill-fated 1984 presidential bid, and successfully backed ballot measures like California's Proposition 39; he's also the closest approximation the political left has to the Koch brothers and his name has been shortlisted for more than one cabinet appointment. After dipping his toe into Nevada politics in 2016 with NextGen Climate, Steyer is gearing up in Nevada for…

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