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National Cancer Survivor Day Reflections from a Cancer Survivor

Two years ago on this day I was five months into a treatment plan for Stage II Breast Cancer. I had undergone two surgeries, and two months of chemotherapy were already in my rear-view mirror, but 12 more weeks of chemo plus 5 weeks of radiation lay ahead of me. I was diagnosed in January 2016 just a few weeks after my husband had been laid off from his job. We had health insurance, but because it was through the…

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Food Stamps are an essential safety net for working families

Dear Editor, In November of 2017, my hard-working husband applied for his VISA, but was denied. Since then, I had to find ways to maintain a household, independently, and I found myself struggling making ends meet. It wasn’t until I applied for food stamps and received help to buy nutritious foods for my children. Food stamps have been a critical resource to me at times when I needed help to get enough food on the table for my family and…

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Health Care Has Improved; Let’s Keep the Progress Going

Virginia has become the most recent state to expand Medicaid. Thanks to a few bold Republicans in the state’s legislature, more Virginians will have access to the healthcare they need. As those in the South celebrate, it’s worth remembering Nevada’s monumental healthcare progress since the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) passage. Approval of the ACA has reached record levels across the country. Nevadans are no exception. The ACA’s careful mix of market-based adjustments resulted in about 20 million people nationwide gaining…


Senator Cortez Masto Meets with Local Health Care Advocates to Ensure Comprehensive Coverage

Last Friday, May 25th, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto held a roundtable meeting with Health Care Advocates and Organizations to discuss the latest developments surrounding health care policy at the federal level. The topic of the day was “junk plans”, or health insurance plans designed to provide bare-bones coverage at a low rate. Previously, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), such plans were phased out in favor of more robust, comprehensive plans which cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, and maternity…

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