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Woman Alleges Steve Wynn Used Her Job, Executive Boyfriend’s as Leverage for Sex

A former employee at the Golden Nugget and Mirage alleges Steve Wynn coerced her into a two-year-long sexual relationship by making implicit threats to not only her job but also her boyfriend’s. Meg, who doesn’t want to use her last name, says she first appeared on Wynn’s radar when she attended the opening of the Mirage in 1989 with her then-fiance, an executive with the hotel company.  The two never married. It was a Cinderella moment for me. “It was a Cinderella…


Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police

Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police The parents of two Yerington high school students are turning to federal court, alleging in a discrimination lawsuit that their daughters’ bullies are not only getting away with repeated instances of racist taunting but that local law enforcement is condoning the activity by labeling it free speech. One of the alleged bullies, a Yerington High student identified in the lawsuit as the son of a Lyon County police deputy, allegedly posted pictures on…

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Steve Wynn Described by former Cocktail Waitress as “Forceful, Aggressive”

A former Golden Nugget cocktail waitress says Steve Wynn, whom she had never met, showed up unannounced at her home three weeks into her tenure at the hotel in May of 1988. “I think he was in a light blue Mercedes and he was with an African-American valet,” the woman, who requested anonymity, said of the unannounced visit.  “My neighbor called me and said ‘Steve Wynn is coming up the stairs to your apartment!” When the woman (I’ll call her Sherri),…

Photo provided by SEIU Nevada
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Mom Sues Centennial Hills Hospital: “If insurance didn’t matter, my 22 year-old daughter would be alive.”

(This story originally appeared on SEIU Nevada’s blog.) As Congress contemplates kicking millions of Americans off their health insurance, a Las Vegas woman says her 22-year-old daughter is dead after a local emergency room refused her treatment because she lacked insurance. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPfNFom0sbk[/embed] The lawsuit, filed by Amy Vilela against Centennial Hills Hospital, alleges that on June 3, 2015, ER staff told Vilela’s daughter, Shalynne Ramos, to come back when she had insurance. Vilela alleges the hospital failed to meet the minimum…

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Guest Blog: Union Fights Decertification Effort Aided by National Anti-Labor Group

Universal Health Services (UHS) bills itself as one of the “largest and most respected hospital management companies in the nation,” operating 240 acute care hospitals and behavioral health facilities worldwide. Now, UHS, which owns six acute care hospitals in Southern Nevada, is benefiting from the efforts of a national anti-union group working to eliminate SEIU Nevada as the bargaining representative for hundreds of employees at Valley and Desert Springs, UHS’ only unionized acute care hospitals. (more…)

UHS owns and operates Valley Health System facilities in Nevada.
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Guest Blog: Valley Health Systems “Profits Over Patients” Scandal Old News to Las Vegans

In December, BuzzFeed reported allegations against hospital giant UHS of bed-filling at all costs.  The story sent the company’s stock plummeting. The odyssey-like stories of patients held involuntarily in psych wards hit home for Las Vegas resident Judy Hendrickson, who in 2012, fought to free her elderly father from a three-day hold in Desert Springs Hospital’s Geropsych unit.   (more…)

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Guest Blog: Another Home Care Agency Misuses Taxpayer Money, Denies Overtime to Workers

Photo provided by Dana Gentry at SEIU Nevada   (Originally posted by Dana Gentry at SEIU Nevada’s blog.) Another Las Vegas home care agency is refusing to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week. Earlier this month we told you about two home care agencies with common ownership that illegally avoid paying overtime by splitting hours between the two companies. Now, paycheck stubs from Angels Home Healthcare reveal one employee, who worked 42 hours a…