Dear Editor,
In November of 2017, my hard-working husband applied for his VISA, but was denied. Since then, I had to find ways to maintain a household, independently, and I found myself struggling making ends meet. It wasn’t until I applied for food stamps and received help to buy nutritious foods for my children.
Food stamps have been a critical resource to me at times when I needed help to get enough food on the table for my family and keep myself healthy enough to continue working. But now, politicians in Congress want to make struggling single parents like me work harder to get help, make us jump through hoops, and navigate all kinds of red tape to prove that we’re working hard enough to deserve food.
Due to SNAP, I had sufficient resources to buy fresh, quality food, such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. Without it, I would be forced to buy cheap alternatives like burgers or fried food and risk the brain development and health of my children.
SNAP is beneficial because I was able to buy ingredients to make healthy food choices. If the program is cut, it would be an action against humanity, because people need help to survive. The money saved from using SNAP also allowed me to spend more time with my children, such as taking them to the movies or bowling on occasion, and regularly pay my utility bills. Politicians should keep their hands off of food stamps and get to work fixing the economy.
Diocelin Achutigui