Tom Steyer is all-in on Nevada

Tom Steyer is no stranger to political advocacy. He’s been involved in Democratic races since Walter Mondale’s ill-fated 1984 presidential bid, and successfully backed ballot measures like California’s Proposition 39; he’s also the closest approximation the political left has to the Koch brothers and his name has been shortlisted for more than one cabinet appointment. After dipping his toe into Nevada politics in 2016 with NextGen Climate, Steyer is gearing up in Nevada for the 2018 cycle with a newly refocused NextGen America.
I was lucky enough to sit down with Steyer just after he delivered the keynote at the fourth annual Progressive Summit, hosted by Nevada Forward’s sister organization Battle Born Progress. Given the extremely limited amount of time allowed for the interview, we covered a wide range of topics including why he’s decided to take such an active role in American politics.

You failed your constituents time and again by supporting Mr. Trump’s agenda.

On Thursday, Steyer donned a shirt emblazoned with “WE ARE ALL DREAMERS” at a press conference with local activists, as well as staff from Congresswoman Titus’ office to demand a clean DREAM act. He called the current “nightmare scenario” facing over 13,000 Nevadans “. . .completely, totally and utterly unacceptable.” Steyer continued with a direct message to Nevada Senator Dean Heller: “You failed your constituents time and again by supporting Mr. Trump’s agenda. You failed them when you voted for the repeal the Affordable Care Act. . .you failed them when you voted for the Republican tax plan. . .now you’re supporting an administration agenda that discriminates against people of color, and there must be consequences for your failure in November.”

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Posted by Nevada Forward on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Steyer’s presence is already raising the bar for advocacy in 2018, and it’s only February. Right now two things are abundantly clear: We can expect to hear plenty from Tom Steyer and his organization between now and Election Day in November, and Senator Dean Heller will be a regular target of what we hear.