A former Golden Nugget cocktail waitress says Steve Wynn, whom she had never met, showed up unannounced at her home three weeks into her tenure at the hotel in May of 1988.
“I think he was in a light blue Mercedes and he was with an African-American valet,” the woman, who requested anonymity, said of the unannounced visit.  “My neighbor called me and said ‘Steve Wynn is coming up the stairs to your apartment!”
When the woman (I’ll call her Sherri), then 27, opened the door with a 2-year-old and 6-year-old hanging on her legs, she says Wynn told her he wanted to welcome her to Las Vegas and the Golden Nugget.
“I was able to get away that time, but not at work,” she said.
Sherri says Wynn’s favorite location for trysts was the new tower at the Golden Nugget.  She describes him as “forceful and aggressive.”
“He shoved a banana at me and said ‘Let me see how you eat this banana!’” she said.
“I worked the graveyard shift in the high limit pit. He would call me in the service bar to have me leave work early and come to his house,” she says of Wynn, who was divorced at the time from Elaine Wynn.  The two later remarried.
“I told him I couldn’t, that I had to go home.  I had a babysitter waiting,” Sherri said.
“Did I want to have sex with him? No. He signed my checks. I had two little kids, and no child support,” Sherri said, sobbing at times.  “He made a habit of going after single moms who were scared and couldn’t afford to lose their jobs.”
“I never told anyone but they all knew,” she said, referring to Golden Nugget executives. “I was too afraid of losing my job.  I think it’s affected my karma.  I could have spared so many women from what I had to go through.” Sherri said.
Sherri says Wynn’s unwanted attention came to an end when the Mirage opened.
“He had new candy,” she said.
Wynn Resorts did not respond to a request for comment on the allegations.
In the late 90s, a discrimination lawsuit filed by 11 Mirage employees unearthed allegations from women who said they were required to engage in sex with Steve Wynn and/or with customers.  Here’s what one of the plaintiffs from the 1998 lawsuit told me in a text message:
“It was common knowledge.  Back at the Nugget he would call down to (the) Pit and tell them to close a certain game and send the dealer to his office “ That plaintiff said in a text that the employees’ allegations were reported to Human Resources and ignored.

Neither Mr. Kamer nor his wife has responded to my request for comment.
In 2008, a lawsuit filed by Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis (no pillar of morality, himself) alleged Wynn plied the gambler with prostitutes in an effort to separate him from more of his money.
The same year I reported on Wynn’s unceremonious dumping of the longtime manager in charge of cocktail waitresses, a woman who was alleged by co-workers to be running prostitutes for Wynn.  The story aired on my weekly business program, but my colleague, Jon Ralston, refused to air the story on his program, which I produced.

Tales of Steve Wynn’s alleged harassment have been widely circulated and just as widely ignored for decades. What happens here can no longer stay here.