According to a Marist poll released January 18th, 2018, most Americans believe President Trump has failed during his first year. The poll was conducted in cooperation with NPR and PBS NewsHour by The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, which surveyed 1,350 adults between January 8th and 10th 2018 with a margin-of-error of 2.7%.

A Deepening Divide

The results show a widening gap between the way the bulk of the American electorate and Trump’s base view the administration’s first year. While 53% of Americans view the last year as a failure (and 33% view it as a “major failure”) a whopping 91% of Trump’s supporters view the last year as a success.

Trump’s Independent Support Fading

Perhaps the most striking numbers for the president are the 50% of voters who identify as independent who believe that the first year of his term has been a failure, combined with a slim majority of Republican voters (51%), who believe the last year has been a failure for the president representing their party.

A Blue Wave?

While many pundits are predicting a “blue wave” of Democratic victories in 2018, the future is unwritten. There are 292 days until the general election in November, Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian electoral meddling in 2016 is still underway, and the president continues to captivate his base. What this means for Trump, and his allies like Adam Laxalt and Dean Heller, in an already contentious 2018 remains to be seen.
Full poll results are available via The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.