This morning, Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-Henderson) toured the U.S. Vets Las Vegas campus to learn more about how the organization assists military veterans with housing, food, and job placement. Rosen then spoke with us about how she’s looking out for Nevada’s veterans in Congress… And what she’d like her colleagues to do once it’s time to pass a budget.

The place that gives back to those who served our country

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, and specifically a member of the Military Personnel Subcommittee, Rosen pays close attention to the needs to active duty military and veterans. While touring the U.S. Vets Las Vegas campus, Rosen spoke with U.S. Vets staff and the veterans they serve about the going-on of “the veterans’ village”. The facility includes a temporary shelter area, permanent housing, workforce training programs, and even a “Dress for Success” style closet where veterans can

Photo by Andrew Davey

Though U.S. Vets is a private non-profit organization, it does receive federal funds for it programs. Rosen promised to do everything possible to ensure funding continues for U.S. Vets and other programs that serve Nevadans in need. “We’re going to do everything we can to fight for the resources our active duty military and our veterans deserve.”

“They protect our freedom. They protect our way of life. We need to make sure we do right by them.”
– Rep. Jacky Rosen

Rosen also addressed the overall federal budget… And the various Trumpcare bills Republicans have tried to pass under budget reconciliation rules. Rosen called on her colleagues to drop Trumpcare and consider proposals like Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D) Marketplace Certainty Act to shore up the insurance markets.
Rosen also endorsed a public option to ensure all consumers can choose an affordable insurance plan. “We need to move on the public option that allows people all across the country to buy into a health care plan. […] This is going to shore up the marketplace.”

Rosen then criticized her likely opponent in the 2018 U.S. Senate race, incumbent Senator Dean Heller (R), for his many Trumpcare flip-flops over the summer.

“Senator Heller has been wrong time and time again on the health care bill.”
– Rep. Jacky Rosen

Rosen added, “He voted over 20 times to repeal with no replacement, with no consideration for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.” She then contrasted her more consistent position on health care to Heller’s waffling. “He’s waffling every single day on what he thinks is true or not true.”
Rosen warned, “Uncertainty creates confusion.” As Donald Trump continues to threaten further chaos in health care, the overall budget, and the debt ceiling (as in the government fulfilling its fiscal obligations), Rosen called for certainty in funding for veterans’ services, health care, and other basic government functions. Once Congress returns from August recess, it only has until September 30 to put together a budget that does all of this.