1. School Vouchers Defeated

Photo by Andrew Davey

It was the biggest fight of the 2017 session, as Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) threatened to blow up the entire state budget if the ESA program wasn’t revived. It wasn’t revived, yet the state budget still passed on time.

2. Rooftop Solar Net Metering Restored

Photo by Nevada Forward Team

Assembly Members Chris Brooks (D-Las Vegas) and Justin Watkins (D-Enterprise) proposed AB 405 to restore net metering that ensures fair compensation for rooftop solar customers. Governor Sandoval signed it into law last Thursday, and renewable energy companies have already signaled their full-scaled return to Nevada.

3. Public Lands Protected

Photo by Andrew Davey

As the Trump Administration continues to threaten the future of National Monuments, the Nevada Legislature passed Senator Nicole Cannizzaro’s (D-Las Vegas) SB 413 to explicitly endorse the protection of public lands, SJR 12 to rescind the Legislature’s 2015 demand that public lands be transferred to the state, and AJR 13 to endorse Gold Butte and Basin and Range National Monuments.

4. Conversion Therapy on LGBTQIA Youth Banned

Photo by Andrew Davey

Senator David Parks (D-Paradise) and Assembly Member Nelson Araujo (D-Las Vegas) led the charge on a series of LGBTQIA civil rights bills, including SB 201 to ban conversion therapy on LGBTQIA youth. Despite opponents’ last-minute attempts to derail the bill, the conversion therapy ban passed with bipartisan support and was enthusiastically signed into law by Sandoval.

5. Contraception Protected

Photo by Andrew Davey

As the Trump Administration threatens to roll back access to women’s health care, the Legislature passed SB 233 and AB 249 to ensure access to affordable contraception. Governor Sandoval signed both bills into law earlier this month.
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