After failing to appear at multiple legislative hearings, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R) appeared at Grant Sawyer State Building Wednesday morning for the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice. But like those past hearings, Laxalt continued to decline answering questions about his office.

Earlier this year, Governor Brian Sandoval (R) called the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice. Attorney General Adam Laxalt happens to be a member of this committee. At the last meeting, he teleconferenced in… While en route to the NRA Convention in Atlanta.

Yet on Wednesday, Adam Laxalt showed up in person.

As the committee went through three states’ presentations on energy regulation, Laxalt kept quiet. As the committee discussed how Question 3 can co-exist with programs encouraging more renewable energy, Laxalt remained quiet. As the committee discussed which consumer protections Nevada can adopt to protect ratepayers from another Enron 2001 debacle, Laxalt remained quiet.
Occasionally, Laxalt would chime in… To inform his fellow committee members that no one needed to comment from Las Vegas. That was the extent of Laxalt’s participation in the meeting.
Did Nevada’s Attorney General stick around after the hearing to take on the growing list of unanswered questions reporters, legislators and voters have for him? Of course not. After the hearing, Laxalt spokesperson Monica Moazez stated that the Attorney General would not be available to media at Grant Sawyer to answer questions.

Photo by Andrew Davey

Adam Laxalt has mostly declined to communicate directly with the media, including this publication.

Laxalt’s spokesperson instead invited me to email her any questions I had. Seeing that this would be the only way to get any of my questions answered, I emailed her. At the time of publication, Laxalt’s office has yet to respond to these questions.
I specifically asked about the Attorney General’s office budget, as Adam Laxalt has refused thus far to attend a budget hearing at the Legislature. I also asked about Laxalt’s overall working relationship with the Legislature, as he finally reached a deal with Democratic leaders last month to advance legislation based on policies both sides want to advance. And I asked about The Nevada Independents investigation into Laxalt pressuring state officials to intervene in a lawsuit involving Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.
This year, Attorney General Adam Laxalt has been limiting public appearances while showing up for private political events. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like what one expects from the state’s top law enforcement officer? That last question may very well linger in the minds of residents and reporters as Laxalt continues to dodge questions.

When will Adam Laxalt answer to the ever-growing list of questions?

Photo by Andrew Davey

When will he provide more details on his relationship with Adelson? When will he answer to employing multiple staffers who lack licensing to practice law in Nevada, including Solicitor General Lawrence Van Dyke? When will he answer questions on his curious changes to AG’s office programs to advocate for the environment and Nevada’s distressed homeowners? When will Laxalt answer any of these questions himself? The more he hides and dodges, the more questions constituents and reporters will have.