solar panels in the desert
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Opinion: Nevada's Future Is Bright with Solar Energy

By Verna Mandez My future and the future of all Nevadans is bright, not only because we are the second sunniest state in the country, but also because we have the ability to harness all of that sunshine and use it to create jobs! Ever since I was young, I wanted to work in the solar industry. It is disheartening to me that my home state does not allow me to advance in this field. (more…)

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Opinion: #NVLeg Must Pass AB 270, Let Nevadans Go Solar

By Christina Karr I was very upset in December 2015, when I learned that it would no longer be economically feasible for me to go solar. Think about that, not being able to use sunshine as energy in one of the sunniest states. Solar power is the energy of the future, and it is a clean alternative to the dirty fossil fuels. This is why I want to go solar. (more…)

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Nevada Legislature Dives Into Public Lands Fight with AB 277

For well over a decade, Clark County, mega-developer Jim Rhodes, and Save Red Rock have fought over Blue Diamond Hill near Red Rock Canyon. The Nevada Legislature is wading back into that fight with AB 277. The Nevada Supreme Court overturned the Legislature’s last attempt to limit development near Red Rock. How will this time be different? For one, Black Rock’s also involved. (more…)