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The State of Reform: A Conversation on Criminal Justice in #NVLeg with Assembly Member Daniele Monroe-Moreno

There’s been plenty of talk about the sharp focus on criminal justice reform in the Nevada Legislature this session. Why does this matter? Why should our state spend any more time on criminal justice? And why has a bill banning private prisons attracted attention? I spoke with that bill’s sponsor about private prisons and criminal justice reform in Nevada. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Who Can You Trust? #NVLeg Senate Majority Leader Aims to Answer That with SB 383

Who can you trust? Before he left office, President Barack Obama answered a question many investors ask with a new fiduciary rule requiring all financial advisers to put their clients’ interests first. Yet since President Donald Trump has taken office, he’s been trying to prevent this rule from being implemented. With the federal fiduciary rule in limbo, one state legislator wants to place this in Nevada law. (more…)

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Nevada Legislature Digs Deeper Into Public Lands Issues with Series of Bills

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature waded into the fight over the future of America’s public lands… And tended to side with forces who want many of these lands privatized. But this time, after then President Barack Obama declared Basin and Range and Gold Butte National Monuments, this current Legislature seems primed to deliver a much different message on keeping public lands in public hands. (more…)

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How Will the Nevada Legislature “Fill the Pothole”? Digging into the Weeds of the Marijuana Tax Bills

Who knew the State of Nevada would come to this? Just as recently as 2012, Nevada had no legal mechanism for most medical marijuana users to obtain their medicine. In 2017, the state budget depends upon successful implementation of legal recreational marijuana. How’s that coming along? We dig into the weeds as Nevada figures out how to tax legal pot. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Nevada Legislature Tackles “Pink Tax” with SB 415 and AB 402

Remember the “pink tax”? This refers to the inequity women face in pricing of consumer products. The most notorious “pink tax” is the sales tax charged on feminine hygiene products. Two bills in the Nevada Legislature offer Silver State women relief from perhaps the most onerous “pink tax”. I watched the hearing for one of them, then the press conference for the other. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Power to the People: Notes on Democracy Reform and Latinx Citizen Lobby Day at the Nevada Legislature

Monday featured not one, but multiple citizen lobby days in the Nevada Legislature. Firefighters, Latinx activists, and campaign finance reform activists all made their voices heard inside and outside the Legislative Building. I followed along with groups from Democracy Day and Latinx Lobby Day. Here’s what happened. (more…)