By Christina Karr
I was very upset in December 2015, when I learned that it would no longer be economically feasible for me to go solar. Think about that, not being able to use sunshine as energy in one of the sunniest states.
Solar power is the energy of the future, and it is a clean alternative to the dirty fossil fuels. This is why I want to go solar.

I live with my aunt and grandfather, our family sticks together because we believe that by investing in our home, we can pass it down to future generations. When the PUC ruled that they would no longer allow benefits for folks who wanted to go solar, my family wanted to move. We would love to move to a state that prioritizes the future of its residents. Until now, Nevada hasn’t done that.

Solar energy can bring a new type of economy in our state, an economy that focuses on new technology.

It is hard to find jobs here that aren’t only in the service industry, and I strongly  believe that solar energy can help is bridge the gap and make Nevada a leader in a new industry. I strongly urge the passing of AB270, because it would help me and my family tremendously by allowing us to go solar.