By Rosa Mendoza
Las Vegas, the “Gambling Mecca of the World,” became my home when I was still crawling in cloth diapers. Back then, as the sole state with legalized gambling, Nevada had no competition. This was great for Las Vegas’ economy. Then in 1978, another state opened a casino.  

Eventually, other states jumped on the gambling bandwagon. Nevada realized it had better start diversifying its economy or else. Thus, began Nevada’s quest for alternative revenue. When Nevada began embracing the solar industry, I was ecstatic.  

As the second sunniest state, I knew that this would spark jobs and revenue.

Companies would have to produce solar panels; workers would need to install them; and consumers would have to purchase them. Additionally, the environment would remain unscathed.
When the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) ruled against the solar industry, it dealt us all a bad hand: job growth and environmental health are now at risk. The bill AB270 would overthrow this unethical ruling and give us, the people, the upper hand. Support AB270.