By Verna Mandez
My future and the future of all Nevadans is bright, not only because we are the second sunniest state in the country, but also because we have the ability to harness all of that sunshine and use it to create jobs!
Ever since I was young, I wanted to work in the solar industry. It is disheartening to me that my home state does not allow me to advance in this field.

Solar energy is the future, and it will benefit generations to come.

My community wants solar, I want to own a home one day in which I can have rooftop solar and be able to lower my electric bill through the natural sunshine that we get in this overwhelmingly warm and sunny state.
Renewable energy is where the country is headed, Nevada has the ability to lead the country is solar and clean energy, and AB 270 is instrumental to the progress of this state. Nevada has set the bar in the service industry with record number jobs, we have the ability to lead the nation is solar energy production. We need work place diversity in our state, and restoring rooftop solar jobs will do just that.