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Mom Sues Centennial Hills Hospital: “If insurance didn’t matter, my 22 year-old daughter would be alive.”

(This story originally appeared on SEIU Nevada’s blog.) As Congress contemplates kicking millions of Americans off their health insurance, a Las Vegas woman says her 22-year-old daughter is dead after a local emergency room refused her treatment because she lacked insurance. [embed][/embed] The lawsuit, filed by Amy Vilela against Centennial Hills Hospital, alleges that on June 3, 2015, ER staff told Vilela’s daughter, Shalynne Ramos, to come back when she had insurance. Vilela alleges the hospital failed to meet the minimum…

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“We Will Resist,” Chris Brooks on Why He’s Brought Yucca Mountain Fight to #NVLeg

Assembly Member Chris Brooks (D-Las Vegas) wasted no time after President Donald Trump revealed his federal budget request includes $120 million to revive the long-troubled Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. He sprang into action. And now, the Nevada Legislature is considering AJR 10. Why should we care about this “symbolic” resolution? We spoke with Brooks himself, and let him make his case. (more…)

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Majority Leader Presents Student Loan Refinancing Bill, Faces No Opposition

Today, State Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford (D-Spring Valley) presented SB 90 to set up a pilot program to refinance student loans. This was expected to be one of the marquis “Nevada Blueprint” bills this session. Even as Ford announced the bill will be amended into a pilot program, he made major news in announcing an unexpected ally. (more…)

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Opinion: What the Affordable Care Act Means to Me

(Guest submission by Marisol Montoya from Las Vegas) I am a mom. My son has had healthcare coverage through the expansion of Medicaid, and I’m very grateful for it. I don’t think we should take it away. I got a divorce. I had a very abusive marriage, and knowing my son had healthcare coverage was one less thing to worry about. It gave me the freedom to leave. (more…)