Today, the Nevada Legislature advanced a key gun violence prevention bill. The Senate passed SB 115 to restrict guns in public libraries along a party line vote. This is the first bill to advance since voters approved the Question 1 background checks initiative in November… Only for Attorney General Adam Laxalt (R) to block implementation.

If SB 115 becomes law, it will clarify state law on libraries’ ability to limit guns at their premises. In 2015, a layer of confusion was added when SB 175 became law. That made various changes to Nevada’s gun laws, with the most notable change being a ban on those convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence charges from owning a gun.

There were additional provisions in SB 175 that didn’t gain much attention… Until after the bill became law.

In addition to tweaking Nevada’s “Stand Your Grounduse of force law, SB 175 also included a provision that launched an ongoing controversy in Clark County over guns in libraries. Pro-gun groups have been in litigation against the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District over its ban on guns inside its facilities.
Taking a decidedly different tone from his pitch to pass SB 175 in 2015, Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) said the library provision “was no accident”. “We’re adding another gun-free zone,” Roberson declared in stating his opposition to SB 115. “Criminals do not follow gun laws.”
Senators Mo Denis (D-North Las Vegas) and Tick Segerblom (D-Las Vegas) begged to differ.

“This bill treats libraries like schools. […] We should not treat them differently.” – Senator Tick Segerblom

Segerblom noted current state law, left unchanged by SB 175 in 2015, that allows colleges and K-12 schools to restrict guns on campus. Segerblom asked why some learning institutions must be held to different standards than others.
Denis, SB 115’s lead sponsor, stated his bill is simply about allowing libraries to ensure the public’s safety, just like colleges and K-12 schools already do. The bill ultimately passed 12-9, with Senator Patricia Farley (NP-Summerlin South) joining all the Democrats.