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How Does "Pink Tax" Legislation Score "Political Points"?

I noticed one Victor Joecks, who now happens to have a Las Vegas Review-Journal column, complaining about a bill in the Nevada Legislature to repeal the “Pink Tax”, or the surtax the State of Nevada charges on feminine hygiene products. As a strident anti-tax crusader, I figured he’d cheer on any attempt to lower taxes. But perhaps as a man, he just doesn’t understand that tampons are neither a “luxury” nor some “cheap attempt” to “score political points”. (more…)

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"The Resistance" to Trump Marches On

(As we conclude Week 2 of the Trump Administration, here’s the second installment of our look back at how Donald Trump’s Presidency began… And how Nevadans reacted to it.) On January 21, at least 3.2 million Americans took to the streets to make their voices heard and make clear to the nation’s new leaders in Washington, DC, that they are not backing down. But now, what? That’s the question on the minds of progressives nationwide and in Nevada. (more…)

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Save Red Rock and Clark County Face Off in Court

Today, District Court Judge Jerry Wiese ruled against Clark County in denying a quick conclusion to its lawsuit against Save Red Rock. Judge Wiese, however, denied Save Red Rock a quick dismissal on anti-SLAPP grounds. For the time being, the two sides will continue to fight in court over the future of a plot of land bordering Red Rock Canyon. Save Red Rock’s ability to speak against the proposed development at Clark County Government Center was at stake today. According…

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Who’s Vouching for What? Inside the Fight Over ESA’s

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature passed SB 302 as part of Governor Brian Sandoval’s “Education Session” reform agenda. This established the Education Savings Account (or ESA) program where parents with school-aged children can apply for state funds that would otherwise go to public schools. These are basically “vouchers on steroids." Yet for the time being, the state can't implement them. Why not? And why could the upcoming legislative session be critical for the future of public education in Nevada? (more…)

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Sanders v. Cruz on the Future of Health Care

Last night, U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas), returned to the debate stage. No, they’re not running for President again (at least not yet?). Yes, they duked it out over the future of America’s health care system. What did they have to say about the Affordable Care Act, and why should we care? I’ll take you through the highlights and lowlights of the great American Obamacare debate below. ----- Whatever motivated CNN to host a debate on…

#FIghtFor15 activists protest the nomination of CKE CEO Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary at a Las Vegas area Carl's Jr.
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Too Close to Home: One of Andrew Puzder's Employees Speaks Out

Earlier this week, we dove into CKE CEO Andrew Puzder’s corporate record, a protest at a Las Vegas Carl’s Jr., and the implications for the U.S. Labor Department under President Donald J. Trump. Today, we dig even deeper. I recently had the opportunity to speak with an employee at a Las Vegas area Carl’s Jr. Check out her story and her message to fellow Nevadans below the fold. (more…)

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Heller's Deciding DeVos Vote

Last Thursday, U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R) announcing his support for DeVos last Thursday. Earlier today, the U.S. Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary on a vote of 51 to 50. Yes, you read that correctly. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote after an initial 50-50 deadlock. Let’s examine just how critical Heller’s vote ultimately proved to be. (more…)

Jon and Diane Hall Discuss Steven Mnuchin
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Can "Foreclosure Machine" Steven Mnuchin Drain the Swamp?

When President Donald Trump named Steven Mnuchin as his pick for U.S. Treasury Secretary, some of Trump’s own voters were surprised. After all, he promised to #DrainTheSwamp by ridding the #RiggedSystem with Wall Street corruption. He even specifically campaigned against Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs. So why did Trump turn to Goldman Sachs alum Mnuchin shortly after his surprise election victory? Below the fold, I’ll introduce you to a pair of Nevada Trump voters who have personal experience with the…

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Calm Amidst the Storms: Notes on the Resistance During the Second Week of Trump

This week has been quite momentous, to say the least. Following the previous weekend’s uproar over President Donald Trump’s “Don’t Call It a #MuslimBan,”the mood in D.C. quickly soured as Congressional Republicans aimed to confirm more of Trump’s Cabinet picks. And as soon as news broke of Trump nominating Neil Gorsuch to fill the Supreme Court seat that Senate Republicans left vacant all last year by refusing to confirm Merrick Garland, then President Barack Obama’s nominee, Senate Democrats were seething.…