Photo provided by Dana Gentry at SEIU Nevada


(Originally posted by Dana Gentry at SEIU Nevada’s blog.)

Another Las Vegas home care agency is refusing to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week.
Earlier this month we told you about two home care agencies with common ownership that illegally avoid paying overtime by splitting hours between the two companies.
Now, paycheck stubs from Angels Home Healthcare reveal one employee, who worked 42 hours a week for two years, received 42 hours of regular pay only, rather than 2 hours of overtime in addition to 40 hours of regular pay.
Federal and state laws require employers to pay overtime to employees who work more than 40 hours a week.
Home care agencies match clients with workers, who earn an average of $10 an hour. The agency takes a significant cut of the hourly fee, which is usually paid by a third party insurer, such as Medicare, Medicaid or the Veterans Administration.  Home care workers, who are often undocumented, are fearful of reporting the alleged wage theft.
Employees say Angels Home Healthcare, owned by Cindy Rivas Al-Bagdadi, not only refused to pay the higher wage but also required that employees sign a document relinquishing their right to overtime. Employees who asked for a copy of the document say they were refused.  The Department of Labor says workers cannot relinquish the right to be paid overtime.
Rivas Al-Bagdadi denies the allegation and can’t explain why a worker did not receive overtime.  She says her company is currently the subject of a Department of Labor wage investigation based on a complaint filed by a worker.