Hello, again. It’s great to be back at work. And I’m very excited about everything we will be able to share with you at Nevada Forward.

So what is Nevada Forward about? And where do we go from here? I’m so glad I can say this again: We’ll discuss all of this and more below the fold.
In my farewell article at Let’s Talk Nevada, I promised to save a seat for you once we embark on our new adventure. Well, here we are! I’m proud to announce that the Institute for a Progressive Nevada (IPN), a non-profit organization that empowers & engages Nevadans to build a state where everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed, is launching this site to provide a new source for news, analysis, & thoughtful commentary.  A site we hope you’ll love viewing just as much as I already love writing for.
In the past two years, we’ve seen multiple Nevada media outlets cut newsroom budgets and/or “realign” with the interests of certain reactionary figures. This is where Nevada Forward steps in. With this endeavor, we can fill the void of quality, independent journalism while also amplifying voices from our diverse communities; voices who are often marginalized or outright ignored by these other outlets.

With Nevada Forward, we will fill a key gap in the community by breaking down the news that affects our diverse communities, and by sharing views from Nevadans that deserve to be shared instead of overlooked.

I’ll say this: No single new outlet alone can fix what’s wrong with Nevada’s (and the nation’s, for that matter) disjointed & distressed media landscape.
Our communities need a place where their voices will not just be heard but also listened to, where news just won’t be broken, but also where it will be explained so Nevadans can make more informed decisions. We need a place where “scandals” won’t just be revealed, but also where we shine a bright light on what’s happening at all levels of business & government. We need our own place to call home, and that’s why Nevada Forward is here.

At Nevada Forward, we won’t just break news. We’ll explain it. We’ll dig deep into it. And we’ll discuss what it means for our communities.

Oh, and we won’t stop with written articles at Nevada Forward. We’ll have regular video updates on everything you need to know and continue to break new ground in multimedia interaction. We’ll break news on Twitter to keep you up to speed whenever necessary. We might even take you behind the scenes on Facebook & Instagram, so make sure to take advantage of what will likely be our full social media portfolio.
We are already busy at work for you. Currently, we’re gearing up for the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature with the full intent of ensuring you know what your elected leaders are doing. We also plan to cover federal policy issues that affect Nevadans and seek answers on what might happen to immigrant communities, what could change with our healthcare, where our courts go, how we will move forward on addressing climate change, and so much more.
Nevada Forward is here to serve you. We’ve seen other outlets out there provide plenty of noise. We intend to shed light wherever & whenever it’s needed. This is how we can move forward. This is where we go from here, and we hope you can join us for the ride. After all, I did promise to save a seat for you.