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Nevada Legislature Digs Deeper Into Public Lands Issues with Series of Bills

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature waded into the fight over the future of America’s public lands… And tended to side with forces who want many of these lands privatized. But this time, after then President Barack Obama declared Basin and Range and Gold Butte National Monuments, this current Legislature seems primed to deliver a much different message on keeping public lands in public hands. (more…)

Nevada LegislaturePublic Land

Nevada Legislature Dives Into Public Lands Fight with AB 277

For well over a decade, Clark County, mega-developer Jim Rhodes, and Save Red Rock have fought over Blue Diamond Hill near Red Rock Canyon. The Nevada Legislature is wading back into that fight with AB 277. The Nevada Supreme Court overturned the Legislature’s last attempt to limit development near Red Rock. How will this time be different? For one, Black Rock’s also involved. (more…)

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What’s the Matter With Red Rock?

Red Rock Canyon may not yet be as world-famous as the Las Vegas Strip casinos that keep Nevada’s economy humming, but Red Rock and other nearby natural treasures are increasingly part of the strategy to keep Nevada’s economy solid in the future. This may be why so many Nevadans are scratching their heads over the Clark County Commission’s vote that may open the door to 5,000 new homes nearby. What was that vote about? What’s the matter with Red Rock?…

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Save Red Rock and Clark County Face Off in Court

Today, District Court Judge Jerry Wiese ruled against Clark County in denying a quick conclusion to its lawsuit against Save Red Rock. Judge Wiese, however, denied Save Red Rock a quick dismissal on anti-SLAPP grounds. For the time being, the two sides will continue to fight in court over the future of a plot of land bordering Red Rock Canyon. Save Red Rock’s ability to speak against the proposed development at Clark County Government Center was at stake today. According…