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DACA is Not a Bargaining CHIP

DACA is Not a Bargaining CHIP

DACA is Not a Bargaining CHIP: Brinkmanship Poised to Shutdown Government Despite early-week progress to avoid a government shutdown, it appears that President Trump’s intervention has (once-again) scuttled good-faith negotiations over DACA between Republicans and Democrats on a Continuing Resolution that would keep the nation’s government funded for the next month. Playing Politics With Funding Despite having held hostage the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) since October, and with short-term funding due to be depleted as early as this Friday,…

A majority of Americans think Donald Trump is a failure.

POLL: Most Americans Think Trump a Failure

According to a Marist poll released January 18th, 2018, most Americans believe President Trump has failed during his first year. The poll was conducted in cooperation with NPR and PBS NewsHour by The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, which surveyed 1,350 adults between January 8th and 10th 2018 with a margin-of-error of 2.7%. A Deepening Divide The results show a widening gap between the way the bulk of the American electorate and Trump’s base view the administration’s first year.…