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Guest Blog: Union Fights Decertification Effort Aided by National Anti-Labor Group

Universal Health Services (UHS) bills itself as one of the “largest and most respected hospital management companies in the nation,” operating 240 acute care hospitals and behavioral health facilities worldwide. Now, UHS, which owns six acute care hospitals in Southern Nevada, is benefiting from the efforts of a national anti-union group working to eliminate SEIU Nevada as the bargaining representative for hundreds of employees at Valley and Desert Springs, UHS’ only unionized acute care hospitals. (more…)

Three LGBTQ Civil Rights Bills Advance in Nevada Legislature

While this is Women’s Week in the Nevada Legislature, we’re also seeing movement on LGBTQ civil rights. The Senate passed a bill yesterday to ease the name change process for transgender Nevadans. And today, the Assembly passed a foster care bill and a constitutional amendment to protect Nevada’s marriage equality. Which bill passed unanimously, and which two mostly passed along party lines? (more…)

SJR 2 ERA Ratification Moves to Assembly During Nevada Women’s Week

After its dramatic debut in the Senate, “The People’s House” of the Nevada Legislature got its first crack at SJR 2 to ratify the federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Continuing the Nevada Women’s Week theme, the Assembly Legislative Operations and Elections Committee held its hearing on SJR 2. Will the HERstoric bill continue to blaze its trail all the way to final passage?   (more…)

Two Contraception Bills Kick Off #nvwomensweek in the Nevada Legislature

Yesterday, two Nevada Legislature committees heard two critical health care bills. Not only will these bills protect women’s access to contraception regardless of what Congress does to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but they also aim to expand that access. These hearings kicked off Nevada Women’s Week, during which the Legislature will likely move forward several women’s rights bills. (more…)

What’s the Matter With Red Rock?

Red Rock Canyon may not yet be as world-famous as the Las Vegas Strip casinos that keep Nevada’s economy humming, but Red Rock and other nearby natural treasures are increasingly part of the strategy to keep Nevada’s economy solid in the future. This may be why so many Nevadans are scratching their heads over the Clark County Commission’s vote that may open the door to 5,000 new homes nearby. What was that vote about? What’s the matter with Red Rock?…

Now, More Than Ever, We Need a Free Press

Could it ever happen here? For decades, experts have asked. And until very recently, hardly anyone seriously considered America was in any immediate danger. But now, in light of the Trump Administration’s recent moves to muzzle entire federal agencies and use press conferences to promote absolute falsehoods, we are left to wonder… Is our democracy in danger? What must our media do to prevent the ultimate American tragedy from happening?   (more…)