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The Big Switch: Senator Patricia Farley on Her Next Moves in the Nevada Legislature

Last November, Senator Patricia Farley (R-Summerlin South) made huge news… By simply switching out a few letters. So how’s life for Senator Patricia Farley (NP-Summerlin South) this legislative session? And why is she directing so much energy into children’s issues? I spoke with the Senator on her big move last fall, and what she hopes to accomplish this year. (more…)

Dollars and Sense: “Filling the Pothole”, or Why Marijuana Is Front and Center This #NVLeg Session

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) and Nevada Legislature leaders are “seeing green” in more ways than one this year. Not only are they looking at ways to balance the budget, but they’re particularly turning to one “magical herb” to “fill the pothole”. Below the fold, we’ll examine the heightened importance of marijuana to the State of Nevada. (more…)

Dollars and Sense: A Crash Course on Nevada’s Education Budgets

Education first: It’s technically the law here in Nevada. Legislators must approve the K-12 public education budget before deciding anything else in the overall final budget. Does that actually have an effect on how much funding goes into classrooms? And what kind of challenges lie ahead in deciding the budget for higher education? Below, we speak with two legislators with experience in public education and major say in how these budgets come together. (more…)

Dollars and Sense: How Could Trump’s Health Care Actions Reverberate in Nevada?

$12 billion: That seems like a large sum of money. Yet look at all the programs stuffed in Governor Brian Sandoval’s (R) proposed health care budget. Medicaid. Mental health services. Nevada Check-up. The list goes on. Is his budget stretched too thin? And how can President Donald Trump and Congress make it worse? Let’s take a closer look at how much we truly value health care in Nevada. (more…)

Immigrant Rights Debate Takes #NVLeg by Storm with Senator Yvanna Cancela’s SB 223

It’s already one of the hottest bills in the Nevada Legislature, even though it will likely be amended to apply statewide what multiple police departments claim they are already doing. So why are opponents quick to label SB 223 “controversial”? I asked Senator Yvanna Cancela (D-Las Vegas) directly. See for yourself what the pro-immigrant bill’s sponsor has to say. (more…)