Nevada Legislature

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Amodei Casts Deciding Vote for “Trumpcare” in Congress, Nevada Legislature Weighs in on Health Care Debate

As the U.S. House finally narrowly voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA, or Trumpcare), the Nevada Legislature held another hearing on a resolution urging Congress not to pass this or other legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare). Once again, Donald Trump’s ambitions and Congress’ messy health care debate took center stage… Along with Nevada’s lone House Republican’s sudden change of tune. (more…)

Deadline Day: What Survived and What Died in #NVLeg This Week

Another day, another deadline… Except that this was no ordinary deadline. Due to the constrained schedule of the Nevada Legislature, the vast majority of bills needed to pass their first house Tuesday to live another day. So which bills made it? We got you covered below the fold. To keep things relatively orderly, let’s break down the most important bills by category. Climate and Energy: SB 65, Governor Brian Sandoval’s (R) integrated resource plan bill, passed the Senate unanimously Tuesday.…

Gold Butte National Monument, one of Nevada's regions of protected public lands

The Monumental Fight to Protect Nevada’s Public Lands

This week, President Donald Trump is ordering a review of the past 21 years of his predecessors’ declarations of National Monuments. Yet before the Trump Administration announced its plans to the national media, we were following along as Nevada local leaders have expressed commitment to continue protecting our public lands. It’s another fascinating twist in the ongoing monumental fight to protect public lands. (more…)

How to Put “The New Nevada” to Work: A Conversation with Nevada DETR Director Don Soderberg

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) has spoken often and glowingly about “The New Nevada”. How is that working? And what changes may be coming to the state’s workplaces? I spoke with someone Governor Sandoval has entrusted with a host of workforce development programs… And someone many in Nevada Legislature expect to implement the workplace equality bills they’re working to pass. (more…)