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How Does “Pink Tax” Legislation Score “Political Points”?

I noticed one Victor Joecks, who now happens to have a Las Vegas Review-Journal column, complaining about a bill in the Nevada Legislature to repeal the “Pink Tax”, or the surtax the State of Nevada charges on feminine hygiene products. As a strident anti-tax crusader, I figured he’d cheer on any attempt to lower taxes. But perhaps as a man, he just doesn’t understand that tampons are neither a “luxury” nor some “cheap attempt” to “score political points”. (more…)

“The Resistance” to Trump Marches On

(As we conclude Week 2 of the Trump Administration, here’s the second installment of our look back at how Donald Trump’s Presidency began… And how Nevadans reacted to it.) On January 21, at least 3.2 million Americans took to the streets to make their voices heard and make clear to the nation’s new leaders in Washington, DC, that they are not backing down. But now, what? That’s the question on the minds of progressives nationwide and in Nevada. (more…)

Who’s Vouching for What? Inside the Fight Over ESA’s

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature passed SB 302 as part of Governor Brian Sandoval’s “Education Session” reform agenda. This established the Education Savings Account (or ESA) program where parents with school-aged children can apply for state funds that would otherwise go to public schools. These are basically “vouchers on steroids." Yet for the time being, the state can't implement them. Why not? And why could the upcoming legislative session be critical for the future of public education in Nevada? (more…)

The Meaning Behind Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson’s Opening Remarks

Typically when the Nevada Legislature opens for regular session, the day is full of pomp and circumstance and not much else. But when the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature opened in Carson City today, Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson didn’t just open “The People’s House” for business. He reminded Nevada of the unique opportunity our state has in setting an example for the rest of the nation, and he signaled that Nevada’s legislators are prepared for the challenges ahead in this…

Governor Sandoval’s Final State of the State Address, Setting the Stage for Legislative Session

During his final State of the State Address, Governor Brian Sandoval (R) announced his proposed $8.1 billion budget for the next biennium (or two years). That’s $200 million more than the last Economic Forum forecast, but that’s also $400 million below the original $8.5 billion requested by state agencies. Sandoval called for increased investment throughout the public sector, but how will he make it work? Below the fold, we’ll explore how he might get all his numbers to add up……

Your #NVLeg 2017 Primer

In a few days, the 79th Nevada Legislative Session will open. This session may prove to be quite pivotal, as Governor Brian Sandoval (R) looks to cement his legacy. The Democrats who are retaking control of the Legislature look to undo some of the legacy of the previous Republican-controlled Legislature. What's about to happen in Carson City this year, and why should you care about it? Let's break it all down below the fold. Already, we see fault lines develop…