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Immigrant Rights Debate Takes #NVLeg by Storm with Senator Yvanna Cancela’s SB 223

It’s already one of the hottest bills in the Nevada Legislature, even though it will likely be amended to apply statewide what multiple police departments claim they are already doing. So why are opponents quick to label SB 223 “controversial”? I asked Senator Yvanna Cancela (D-Las Vegas) directly. See for yourself what the pro-immigrant bill’s sponsor has to say. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Nevada Legislature Votes to Ratify ERA with Final Passage of SJR 2

“We’ve come a long way, baby… But we’re not all the way.” That’s how Former State Senator Helen Foley (D) described the progress of women’s rights in Nevada up until now. She testified in support of SJR 2 in the Assembly earlier this month. Today, the Senate took the final step needed for Nevada to officially be put on record in support of ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). (more…)

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“We Will Resist,” Chris Brooks on Why He’s Brought Yucca Mountain Fight to #NVLeg

Assembly Member Chris Brooks (D-Las Vegas) wasted no time after President Donald Trump revealed his federal budget request includes $120 million to revive the long-troubled Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump. He sprang into action. And now, the Nevada Legislature is considering AJR 10. Why should we care about this “symbolic” resolution? We spoke with Brooks himself, and let him make his case. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Majority Leader Presents Student Loan Refinancing Bill, Faces No Opposition

Today, State Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford (D-Spring Valley) presented SB 90 to set up a pilot program to refinance student loans. This was expected to be one of the marquis “Nevada Blueprint” bills this session. Even as Ford announced the bill will be amended into a pilot program, he made major news in announcing an unexpected ally. (more…)

Nevada LegislatureSocial Justice

Who’s Vouching for What? How Does the ESA Voucher Program Work?

Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz (R) came ready to rumble at last month’s Assembly Ways and Means Committee budget hearing for his office. So did Chris Daly from the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA). Daly produced a letter from the Henderson International School that suggest the private school was in contact with the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) and the Treasurer’s Office as they encourage people to use fraudulent information in applying for ESA vouchers. What was that about? And…