Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police

Lawsuit: Bullying Tacitly Condoned by Yerington School Officials and Police The parents of two Yerington high school students are turning to federal court, alleging in a discrimination lawsuit that their daughters’ bullies are not only getting away with repeated instances of racist taunting but that local law enforcement is condoning the activity by labeling it free speech. One of the alleged bullies, a Yerington High student identified in the lawsuit as the son of a Lyon County police deputy, allegedly posted pictures on…

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Political Activist Tom Steyer All-In on Nevada

Tom Steyer is all-in on Nevada Tom Steyer is no stranger to political advocacy. He's been involved in Democratic races since Walter Mondale's ill-fated 1984 presidential bid, and successfully backed ballot measures like California's Proposition 39; he's also the closest approximation the political left has to the Koch brothers and his name has been shortlisted for more than one cabinet appointment. After dipping his toe into Nevada politics in 2016 with NextGen Climate, Steyer is gearing up in Nevada for…

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Steve Wynn Described by former Cocktail Waitress as “Forceful, Aggressive”

A former Golden Nugget cocktail waitress says Steve Wynn, whom she had never met, showed up unannounced at her home three weeks into her tenure at the hotel in May of 1988. “I think he was in a light blue Mercedes and he was with an African-American valet,” the woman, who requested anonymity, said of the unannounced visit.  “My neighbor called me and said ‘Steve Wynn is coming up the stairs to your apartment!” When the woman (I’ll call her Sherri),…